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c'est la vie
can you
feel my heart.

"I want to be what your lips taste first in the morning instead of your usual cup of coffee."
— (I envy everything you touch that’s not me)
Maybe I am a little selfish.
"But you’ve got me hooked and I’ve got you stuck. Both of us to be honest are a little fucked up. And that’s okay because we know it- and we don’t care. We embrace each other’s flaws. Laugh at each other’s weirdness. Accept anything that we both give each other. We hug, kiss, cry, scream, and kiss some more but most importantly we love each other hard. Because that’s what love is isn’t it? To be able to accept the other person whole. Any kink in their body is now your own. Our lows and our highs, our midnight cries. It’s okay- we love it. And I’ve got you hooked and you’ve got me stuck and yes we are just a little fucked up."
— (Love is not wanting to change them for the world…)
Perfectly imperfect is the best.